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Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo in Japan September 17, news on other regions coming 'very soon'


Japanese news site Andriasang reported today that those anxious to wet their sword (or gigantic scythe) with demon blood in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 would get a chance through a demo on September 17. We wanted to find out when other regions would get the demo, as well as what would actually be in the demo (we're crossing our fingers for some booby bouncing co-op gameplay), so we hit up Tecmo.

A Tecmo representative said that, while the company plans to release a demo "very soon in the US, Europe and Japan," there's no guarantee the demo will hit regions outside Japan on September 17. Tecmo did say that we "should have news very, very soon." So, mark very, very soon on your calendars, kids. As for content, Tecmo remained tight-lipped.

While you wait on that demo, you can pass the time ogling the new screens in our gallery below:

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