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The Daily Grind: Guilds as groups, not just chat?

With the seeming trend moving more and more towards the single-player option of soloing through MMOGs, we've noticed that there's been a move away from guild content in many newer games. Apparently we aren't the only ones who noticed it as there is an excellent post out on Journeys with Jaye that delves into guilds and makes some bold statements about what MMOs are doing wrong - or right - in regards to guilds and what developers should look at doing.

The question we'd raise is that considering the slant of games more towards solo content, are we seeing the slow death of guilds as anything more than a communal chat channel you share with friends? It certainly seems that in several newer games - short of raiding or the occasional (rare) group type content - much of the time people will be off on their own just talking back and forth. Do you think that guilds are moving into social-chat-only type structure, or do you think MMOs will change and begin to include more group/guild type content to get people playing together again? Where do you see guilds going in the newest generation of MMOs?

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