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N+ dev announces 'Office Yeti,' Robotology 'nowhere near complete'


We're pretty big fans of indie developer Metanet Software's first offering, N+. That may explain why we were so excited for the announcement of a second currently-in-development title on the company's blog -- Office Yeti. Another explanation could be that the game is about a freakin' yeti in an office. The game is still early in development and was only being worked on "part-time" until recently. Metanet teases Rampage and Skool Daze-inspired gameplay, calling it: "A single-player action/puzzle/simulation game in which players assume control of a yeti who works in an office." Magical!

Unfortunately, it appears that we won't be seeing anything new on Robotology in the near future, as the developer is still working hard on having a playable entry for the IGF deadline this November. "Despite months and months of work, it's still nowhere near complete, but at the same time we've managed to get most of the vital parts figured out," Metanet says. Aside from the teasing of possible screenshots coming soon, it looks like we're not going to get anything new this year to play. Sometimes a taste of honey is worse than none at all.

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Source 2 - Metanet

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