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Blogger sued by Evony for defamation, libel


Serve me now, my lord!

Blogger Bruce Everiss, author of the website, has been sued by Evony LLC, the company behind the notorious online webgame Evony, formerly Civony. The suit stems from Bruce's Evony coverage and critical stance towards the game, including his assertions that Evony LLC is a company under the network (a site that is allegedly part of a World of Warcraft gold farming network), his statements concerning the company being based in China, and that their game has infringed on other game IPs, including Civilization and Age of Empires.

Evony usually comes under fire for their very transparent marketing strategy, which is usually slapping a hot woman (who has nothing to do with their civilization/empire building MMORTS) onto an ad to entice gamers to click. However, as we posted prior, some bloggers have found some content that was directly ripped off from Civilization and Age of Empires, however the Age of Empires assets have been removed from the current iteration of the game.

As to the statement by Evony LLC that they are not a Chinese company, we'd like to point out that the game is developed by a group known as a Chinese company. It says so on their official wiki, Evonypedia. "Evony is owned by UMGE (Universal Multiplayer Game Entertainment). Founded by a small group of avid Chinese game developers, UMGE is based in Guangzhou, China and develops online multiplayer games." Whoops.

Evony LLC alleges that Bruce's coverage has caused "serious damage" to the game's reputation as well as the gaming experience shared by all of its users. If you're looking for some of the things they've sent Bruce to get him to back off, you can check them out over on his site.

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