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Visual Voltage clock turns electricity monitoring into art


Sure you can monitor your home energy use with any number of "useful" and "easily readable" gauges and gadgets, but why settle for straightforwardness when you can have something verging on art? That's the thinking behind the so-called Visual Voltage exhibition created by a group of Swedish designers, anyway, which features this eye-catching clock-like device front and center. As with other energy monitors, it promises to do nothing more than monitor your daily electricity use and let you know when you're using more than you should. Instead of spewing out a series of digits and blinkin' lights, however, this one creates a nifty visualization of your homes daily energy rhythms to attract a bit more attention -- or it will if it ever turns into an actual product, that is. The designers aren't stopping there with the whole "visual voltage" idea tough, and are also showing off a power cord that lights up when in use, and a concept for a set of solar-powered blinds that can absorb energy during the day and provide ambient light at night (check it out after the break).

[Via Engadget German]

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