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Wes Platt sheds some light on Fallen Earth

Recently we found out that the team at Fallen Earth LLC have decided to push the game's release date back to the 22nd to allow for a bit more polishing before the final launch. Currently, those who pre-ordered through Direct2Drive or the Fallen Earth website are enjoying a headstart in the strangely altered lands around the Grand Canyon. Still others are biding their time, seeing just how the game develops after release and keeping an eye out for news from this small independent studio.

Werit had a chance to sit down with Wes Platt, Content Design Team Lead for Fallen Earth and ask some questions about a few different aspects of the game, as well as where Wes thinks the team will be in a few years. If you're interested in this crafting-heavy story-driven sci-fi MMO, then you'll definitely want to head over there and give the interview a read. Personally, we can't wait until we can build a muscle car that's bristling with weaponry and drive it around with our friends, hopefully. That sounds like an apocalypse we can get into!

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