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Bose SoundDock 10 weighs in with $599 of iPod amplification


So Bose is back to the iPod dock scene a big way -- and we do mean big. The new SoundDock 10 weighs in at 19 pounds and measure 10-inches deep, leaving room for a good-sized woofer, 52-inches of winding, integrated waveguide channels and a pair of Bose "Twiddlers" up top. The Twiddlers are apparently a patented combination of highs and mids, and the new waveguide is an effort to shrink existing Bose tech down to size. The results are positively Bose-ey: not a precise or flat reproduction of music, but usually pretty pleasing to our untrained ears, with enough volume to fill a big room. The SoundDock 10 sounds "large" in some ways for its size, but at the same time you can still hear the limitations of the boxed-in form factor. Just as interesting is Bose's interchangeable dock: the standard iPhone / iPod dock can be switched out for a $149 A2DP Bluetooth receiver -- and docks supporting other audio players could be forthcoming based on market demand. The unit hits the streets on September 21 with a Bose-esque $599 pricetag. Check out a virtual teardown of the dock after the break.

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