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Lenovo T400s touch hands-on and impressions

Nilay Patel

From the outside, the new Lenovo T400s touch doesn't look all that exciting -- unless you're the sort to get excited over ThinkPads, in which case you're probably quite stoked that it looks exactly like the non-touch T400s. But it's actually a pretty crazy product -- it's a regular laptop with a high-end four-finger capacitive touchscreen. Not a tablet, not a convertible, just a laptop. And a ThinkPad, so you've already got both a touchpad and a TrackPoint to get around. It's a little puzzling until you use it, and realize that just casually reaching out and touching the display sort of makes a lot of sense. Sort of -- there aren't a lot of apps that take advantage of multitouch right now, and while Lenovo's SimpleTap app launcher / control panel system is a cool demo, it's more of a nifty feature than a killer app. Still, it's nice to see a responsive capacitive touchscreen make the touch features of Windows 7 much more fun to use, and while we didn't end up trying to touch our regular laptop screens when we were done with the T400s touch, we'd certainly spring for the option if we were in the market. Check a little video after the break.

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