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Motorola looking to bring Android to 'all the US operators'

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile doesn't get to have all the fun with the CLIQ -- we know with some certainty that the Sholes is destined to bring Motorola's Android push to Verizon, and if CEO Sanjay Jha has anything to say about it, the fun doesn't stop there. Speaking at an analyst conference, Jha mentioned yesterday that his company is "in talks with all large operators in the US," meaning that Cellular South and Cincinnati Bell are probably out of luck in the short term -- but AT&T and Sprint are likely getting the full-court press to sign up for a MOTOBLUR-powered phone or two as we speak. The US (and really, the entire world) is still fairly Android-starved with only a small handful of big-name models actually circulating in retail, so another manufacturer actively trying to get carriers on board isn't going to hurt -- and considering Moto's impetus to turn big profits on the double, we bet these guys are putting on some slick, convincing, promise-filled presentations in the boardrooms.

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