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NPD provides stats on game promotion, platform cross-ownership

The NPD Group's steady stream of gaming industry studies continues today with a fascinating look at the game purchasing community. Here's the most surprising statistic to come from the study -- in a poll asking what methods gaming enthusiasts used to gather information about new titles, 41 percent of participants chose the "word of mouth" response. This far outweighs the ratio of gamers who draw information from advertisements, social networking sites and hands-on time with games at a friend or relatives' house.

The other bit of information (which will likely serve as ammunition in some misguided fanboy war) is a chart showing a breakdown of gaming console cross-ownership. It goes like this: Nearly 40 percent of PS3 owners also own Wiis or Xbox 360s, 18 percent of Xbox 360 owners have PS3s, and few Wii owners also possess 360s (26 percent) or PS3s (14 percent).

To see this information presented in a manner that doesn't resemble the makings of an SAT Prep logic puzzle, check out the NPD Group's press release.

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