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Star Wars Galaxies to shut down 12 servers


In a letter to all Star Wars Galaxies account holders today, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they will be shutting down 12 servers on October 15th. This brings their number of active servers to 13 -- a pretty respectable number for any game to still host.

This shutdown has come as a response to the free character transfer service that SOE has offered Star Wars Galaxies players, leaving certain servers with drastically low populations while other servers have become the new homes of the community. Many members of the SWG community only look upon this move with happiness, as now it means having worlds teeming with players rather than wasteland planets.

The 12 servers being shut down are as follows: Corbantis, Infinity (Europe), Intrepid, Kauri, Kettemoor, Lowca, Naritus, Scylla, Tarquinas, Tempest, Valcyn, and Wanderhome. Character creation will be disabled on these servers as of today and all players still remaining on those servers will have the option of a one-time, one-way server transfer to one of the 13 remaining servers. For full instructions on this movement process, check out the Star Wars Galaxies main site.

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