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The Daily Grind: Is MAG an MMO?


It sports 256 players on a map. 8 man squads, 32 man plattoons, and 128 men on one side in their company. It has a "shadow war" online mode where companies compete to win battles, pushing active warzones back and forth on the map, meaning that each battle has an effect on the online gameplay structure. Winning battles means securing contracts for your group, who works for one of the 3 in-game factions that are struggling for dominance.

MAG is, without a doubt, one heck of a first-person shooter. It's players per map rivals PlanetSide's 300 players per continent, coming only 44 players short of the popular MMOFPS's battles. However, with multiple objectives per map and the 256 players being squeezed into smaller battlefields than PlanetSide's continents, one could say that the game is going to be much more chaotic and interesting.

With all of this in mind, we ask you for your opinion on the following: Is Sony's MAG an MMO? It certainly sports the necessary components of persistence, character development, team mechanics, and player count, but we want to hear from you, the readers. Drop your thoughts into the comment box below, and let the discussion begin.

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