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City of Heroes opens Issue 16: Power Spectrum

Tateru Nino

NCsoft has deployed Issue 16 for City of Heroes/Villains, bringing in a bunch of delicious new options for Paragon City's finest (and the Rogue Islands' worst). Powerset proliferation is ongoing, bringing formerly barred powersets to archetypes that were previously denied them.

This issue brings a particularly pleasing improvement: Being able to jump from one part of the character creator to another, without having to complete it all in a fixed-order. That's a huge help for players looking to refine their look and character-concept during design.

The theme of the Issue is color, with power-sets now able to be customizable in complete themes, or each individual power tailored to make a rainbow of unyielding justice.

The difficulty system has gotten an overhaul as well. Next time you visit a Fateweaver or Hero Corps representative, you'll have a whole new set of options available. You can choose to have the game scale in a variety of ways, including treating you as a group of heroes or even reducing your difficulty for dynamic difficulty and rewards.

Issue 16 also includes "Other features to be announced."

We're not quite sure what that means, but we'll be watching for whatever they are. As usual, however, you'll get a free respec token with this issue.

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