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Dutch retailer boycotts sale of PSP Go


Eurogamer reports that Nedgame, Holland's "largest specialized retail outlet," won't sell the PSP Go when it launches this October. The €250 price for the device (the PSP-3000 sells for €80 [$117] less), along with the absence of UMD drive, is cited as justification for the boycott. It's speculated that the core reason Nedgame doesn't want to sell the device is because the company won't be able to sell games with the handheld -- and, well, selling games is how game stores typically make money.

According to Eurogamer, Nedgame isn't the only no-Go retailer in Europe, with Eurogamer Spain also claiming to hear whispers from retailers refusing to sell the handheld. We've yet to hear of any North American retailers officially boycotting the system.

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