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Next Champions Online updates focus on content, grouping and more

Kyle Horner

The newest state of the game is out for Champions Online and it discusses many upcoming changes that we think players will highly appreciate. Of particular note are three new repeatable missions coming soon to Monster Island. Interestingly, these missions are said to change as players repeat them, but that's all Cryptic was willing to divulge for the time being.

Another significant change will be the ability to see mission objectives of another player's active missions on your team and be rewarded if you help them complete that mission -- even if you don't currently have it. That last part is an important change, because it's a new incentive to group that's currently only there because of the tougher missions.

There are plenty more upcoming improvements, which can be found in a short-list after the break.

  • Three new repeatable quests on Monster Island to help relieve the content gap.
  • UI improvements allowing players to see team missions they don't have.
  • Showing your team members' current objectives on active missions and giving rewards to heroes that assist on missions even if they aren't on them.
  • Further improvements to the mail system and power balancing.
  • Economy improvements to help boost the amount of resources available to players.
  • The addition of a grayscale selector to power customization for characters who may not want bright and colorful powers.
  • The ability to skip the tutorial if a player has already completed it once.
  • Club Caprice and The Powerhouse zones will be made iduel-free.
  • A room for The Powerhouse where new powers can be tested on automated enemies.

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