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One Shots: Oooh, shiny

Sometimes it's not just a question of the great graphics in a game - sometimes it's a question of a great upgrade to your computer! Your experience goes from old and dated to upgraded and awesome in the blink of an eye, as today's new-ish EVE Online player, Warick, noticed. He writes in: I've just upgraded my 3 year old faithful 17 inch Monitor to a 22 inch widescreen, and anyone who tells you that there is no point in getting a monitor so big should be hit with the "you're a big fat liar" stick. EVE has gone from looking pretty ordinary to absolutely stunning. So to celebrate, I thought I'd send you a screenshot of my new ship from my new monitor. I know the Thorax is small fry in EVE Online but I've not been playing it long and I'm chuffed to bits with it.

Do you have a screenshot from a game we haven't seen recently? Would you like to brag on your favorite MMO? We'd love to see your screenshots! All you have to do is email them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with a note telling us a bit about what's going on in the screenshot, your name, and the name of the game. Then relax and enjoy the limelight!

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