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QPAD 5K gaming mouse is 'innovative,' 'groundbreaking,' Swedish


Swedish manufacturer QPAD may have started out as a purveyor of high-end gaming mousepads, but it's slowly been branching out into the realm of actual peripherals, and it's now bolstered its offerings a bit further with a new gaming mouse that may just change gaming mice forever -- or not. While the company's claims that its QPAD 5K mouse boasts an "innovative shape" and "ground breaking technology" may be overstating things just a tad, the mouse should indeed meet the needs of all but the most demanding gamers who are looking for full customization options (five buttons, in this case) and a suitably high resolution sensor. Unfortunately, there's no word on a release 'round here just yet, but folks in Europe will be able to pick this one up next month for €60, or just under $90.

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