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Adventure classic The Longest Journey arrives at


Funcom's The Longest Journey is widely regarded as one of the best point-and-click adventures ever made -- it has an impressive metascore of 91 -- and can now be obtained by making the very short journey to the website of retro-ware purveyor $9.99 is the cost of embarking on the Journey, which, unfortunately, is only available for Windows XP / Vista (this is strong incentive to use Boot Camp, Mac users).

We're not sure what exactly is behind the recent resurgence of classic adventure games -- what with many from LucasArts' catalog appearing on Steam and Telltale's salvaging of Monkey Island (not to mention the excellent, multiplatform remake of the first game) -- but if there were a floating dialog tree in front of us right now, we'd click "Why yes, we quite like the trend. Please continue."

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