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CM Storm's Sentinel Advance gaming mouse features hardware profiles and OLED display


If you're looking for a mouse that's vaguely militaristic looking and highly customizable, CM Storm's Sentinel Advance should be right up your post-apocalyptic alley. Featuring various sensitivity ranges, rapid fire modes, DPI adjustments, and an editor for different macros and scripts, you can establish five different profiles, store them on the mouse's internal memory, and switch between them on the fly. Sure, this sort of hardware might brand you a "filthy cheater" among some (and they'd be right), but seeing as you're heartless and only concerned with dealing death to your digital enemies, we're guessing you won't lose too much sleep over it. If that weren't enough, this guy boasts Doppler Effect processing, real-time tracking technology (as opposed to software prediction), an OLED display for your clan logo (or picture of your sweetheart) and plenty more. Available now in the UK for £49.99 ($83).

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