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Japanese gamers want Persona 4, Phoenix Wright anime series (and so do we)


Japanese gaming pub Dengenki recently polled its readers on what series they'd like to see translated into anime form. The Top 10 list looks nearly exactly the same as our own wishlist:
  • 1. Persona 4
  • 2. Phoenix Wright
  • 3. Okami
  • 4. Kingdom Hearts
  • 5. Idol Master
  • 6. Metal Gear Solid
  • 7. Yakuza
  • 8. BlazBlue
  • 9. Persona 3
  • 10. Atelier Rorona
Atlus' PS2 RPG Persona 4 tops the list, managing to beat out some big names like Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid. Perhaps the success of Persona: Trinity Soul reminded readers that the franchise works in serialized TV format? While we'd certainly like to see another Persona anime, an adaptation of Phoenix Wright seems like a no-brainer. Capcom, are you reading this?

[Via Andriasang]

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