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Konami producer: 'we gave up the Konami ID system'

While it's not clear if the jettisoning of Konami IDs extends beyond the confines of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and into Konami's corporate plans going forward, fans of the stalwart soccer franchise can breathe a sigh (of relief, this time!) as producer Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka told G4 that Konami's much maligned authentication system would not be appearing in PES 2010. "We got so many feedback from the users saying the same thing as you said," Takatsuka said, referring to the poor experience relayed to him. "So, we gave up the Konami ID system."

That they gave up the system on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is clear; whether all online-enabled Konami games in the future will abandon the redundant authentication system is still unclear. After a clumsy Metal Gear Online launch, thanks to the Konami ID servers crashing, and Kojima's impression that the system was "not working well," we're inclined to think we won't be seeing it on future Kojima Productions titles either. We've asked Konami to comment on Takatsuka's comment and clarify the status of the Konami ID system going forward.

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