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One Boss Leaves: Svala sacrifices Salramm


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

Despite "Mike Salramm's" best efforts on Twitter, Svala Sorrowgrave not only took this week's match in the Thunderdome but also inspired a comment that made it all the way to [1.Local]. Let's go back and see what other readers had to say about the Svala/Salramm matchup.

Nellius: I reckon that if Salramm can properly use his ghouls to avoid getting sacrificed, he has this one down easily. That's going by the assumption that if Salramm himself gets "paralyzed," his ghouls will be able to take down the Channelers before he's killed. If he can overcome that, he simply has better abilities, for which Svala has no counter.

Chatulio: While Svala has the insanely powerful ability of the ritual, I think that probability favors Salramm. Salramm is a powerful necromancer, with a keen intellect and plenty of undead minions. While Svala might get lucky and sacrifice him, more often than not she will get one of his Ghouls. He then simply breaks the Ghoul out and then precedes to Shadow Bolt Svala and blow all of his other moves.

Svala is just too much of a one trick pony, IMO, to face an opponent as cunning and varied as Salramm.

Josin: Svala doesn't generally put the main tank (main target) in the channeled effect. (As a tank, I don't think I've ever gotten stuck in it.) So Salramm's zombie minions get channeled, while he continues unloading Shadow Bolts into her floating ass. When the zombie dies, Salramm laughs, brings the zombie back to unlife, and continues beating on her. Sure, I'm not entirely ignoring the game mechanics, but that's how I see the fight going.

Mockery: Salramm drops Curse of Twisted Flesh, for Svala to cackle. "Fool!" She shouts. "I've no flesh for you to rend!" The first blow lands, and a second.

Salramm staggers but waves his hand, and Ghouls tear free of the earth (or perhaps from Vrykul unfortunate enough to be watching). They strike again and again at her, and though Sorrowgrave has no flesh to bleed, their bony hands strike true. A couple Explode, and desperate, she rises into the sky.

Three figures rise up around Salramm and hold him still; he cannot even summon the power to make his other Ghouls explode. He focuses his will, though, and orders them to strike at the Channelers who bind him. They do so, and although the Channelers do not strike back, they stand resilient enough and do not fall easily.

One Channeler falls. Then another. For a moment, it seems like he will escape easily.

And it is then that he sees the sword descending upon him. He cannot look away. He prays, perhaps, but there is no god that will hear him today.

In the end, the last Channeler stays standing just a second too long -- the sword pierces Salramm through the chest, and pins him to the ground. Svala's flames turn to ash the remaining Ghouls.

She and Salramm lock eyes for a moment, and then she pulls her sword free of the stone altar. "My King is your King, and the Prince you failed to kill, joined in one glorious whole!" she says. "You never had a chance."

Salramm gurgles for a moment, and is silent; the only sound is Svala's black wings carrying her away.

Stay tuned for the next match of Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season and vote to determine who rocks Wrath's five-man world.

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