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Say It & Mail It: iPhone voice memos on steroids

David Winograd

Innovation is a wonderful thing. Developers are taking built in features of the iPhone and improving upon them. As Bookmarks is a subsystem for iPhone/iPod touch Audiobook listening, Say It & Mail it [iTunes Link] is a subsystem for Voice Memos that outclasses the Apple-designed feature by a mile. Apple's Voice Memo app lets you record a memo and optionally create an email to send it. That's pretty neat, but how about recording a voice memo and sending it as a pre-addressed email along with the option of attaching a picture (either shot from the camera, or photo library) and tossing in your location for good measure?

Say it & Mail it does all this in the easiest and most intuitive way imaginable for $1.99. Start by tapping on 'Say it' and record a voice memo. Tap 'Play it' and listen. From this point you can Mail it, or tap on a camera icon to take or use an existing picture. Then click on the little 'Interstate 10 sign' icon and the built in GPS will find you, display a road map or satellite view of your location, and add the clickable Google Maps link to the email.

You don't need to use it all, but you can't send email unless there is a voice memo created first. The other two options are, well, optional.

Read on for more details & a video preview.

In using the app, I was impressed with how well the user interface was thought out. I haven't seen many multi-faceted apps that make as much sense as this one. However, if you need a bit of help, the info screen displays detailed directions and links for even more help. There is no possibility of loading this app and then wondering: 'Now what?'

One downside is that each time you want to add your location you'll need to re-enable the GPS function and then wait a bit for it to stabilize. It would seem to make more sense to have this enabled as soon as you click on the sign icon. I can't think of any reason to choose the option and then not use it.

Future versions will include picture size and quality adjustments along with being able to send email to groups. It requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

If you have a need to send yourself media rich reminders, or email information without bothering to use the keyboard, this is for you. It's very clever, works well and fills a nice niche in a market made up of niche apps.

Check out this video for a run through:

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