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Wii's Call of Duty 4 now dubbed 'Modern Warfare: Reflex'

Justin McElroy

Activision: Yeah, we think we're going to call the Wii game just "Modern Warfare," so people know it's the same game you guys made a couple of years ago.

Infinity Ward: ... Huh. Do you realize that we have an inexhaustible amount of cash, a scary amount of weaponry knowledge, a nigh limitless supply of night vision goggles and, as of November 11th, all the free time in the world?

Acti: ... You know, we talked it over --

IW: What, just right now?

Acti: Yeah, yeah, just right now, just this second. And we decided we should call it Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex, just so there's no confusion.

IW: Well, if you're sure.

[Via CVG]

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