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LucasArts shows off Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron


With features like "16 player online multiplayer" and "simultaneous space and ground combat," Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron sounds like it should be on one of the current-gen consoles. But no, LucasArts is adamant about keeping the franchise on the handhelds, even going so far as to creating a DS version. We know what to expect from the PSP version, considering it's simply an upgraded version of the previous PSP-exclusive Battlefront. But what about the DS version? This video reveals some gameplay footage, and it looks drastically different from other incarnations of the franchise.

The camera has been changed to a more top-down view, providing a much more fast-paced and arcade-like experience. The game is limited to just four players on the DS version, but a LucasArts producer insists that "the soul of Battlefront has been brought to Nintendo DS in a brand new way." We're wondering if, after watching the footage above, you agree.

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