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Video: PS3 Motion Controller demo -- now with more awesome, less shaky


Playstation.Blog has posted a new video recreating Sony's E3 demo of the Playstation Motion Controller. Well, most of the E3 demo, anyway -- the video does not recreate the nifty sword and bow demonstrations. Still, the rest of the demo, including spray paint, pencils, FPS mode, RTS gameplay and the manipulation of several different objects is all there. Even better, now the footage is in focus and shaky-cam free. Also, since the demo is no longer limited to the time (and nerve) constraints of E3, the technology wizards behind Sony's want get to explain everything in more detail. There's also a few things revealed that Sony didn't have time to show at E3, like fire-breathing domino snakes. Seriously.

Find the full video after the break.

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