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Instinct HD gear starts turning up at Best Buy

Chris Ziegler

A funny thing happens when a major new handset's released on a big carrier: matching accessories come along for the ride. Cases, chargers, armbands, screen protectors, you name it -- anything to get you to double your spend before you walk out of the door with your multi-hundred-dollar phone. Of course, those accessories frequently aren't perfectly synced with the phone itself -- they ship a few days beforehand or after the fact, so stuff like this is bound to happen. In this particular case, the upcoming Instinct HD is getting some silicone protection ahead of time courtesy of Best Buy, which should go well with those invisibleSHIELDs you picked up a few weeks back. Meanwhile, the phone itself is expected just a handful of days from now, so at least it's not totally insane to start stocking up on accessories now.

[Thanks, Matt G.]

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