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Telcast T56 PMP promises full 1080p output, unibody enclosure


Looking for a PMP that outputs full 1080p video? Then you've no doubt noticed that your options are pretty limited, even from PMPs (and phones, for that matter) bold enough to call themselves "HD." It looks like China's Telcast could be about to swoop in and beat some of the bigger players to the punch, however, at least if its new T56 PMP actually delivers as promised. While it's 5-inch screen doesn't make it as portable as some may like, it does indeed supposedly boast full 1080p output from its HDMI port, or a standard 800 x 600 resolution on the screen itself. No word on storage just yet, unfortunately, but the rest of the specs seem to be fairly high-end across the board, including built-in GPS, an FM tuner, a memory card slot, and an "all-metal stamping process" -- which appears to be an actual unibody-type enclosure. Of course, there's no word on a price or release date either, so we could end up waiting a good long while for this one.

[Via thegadgetsite]

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