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250GB PS3 bundles aplenty headed to Europe?


Well, Sony may still be denying any plans of a 250GB PS3 bundle for the US, but it looks like the rumors just keep on cropping up in Europe, and this latest one is quite the doozy. According to Joystiq, that all too familiar inventory screen above comes from a purported Norwegian GameStop employee, and quite clearly reveals no less than five different 250GB PS3 bundles, including your choice of Ratchet & Clank, Assassin's Creed 2, FIFA 10, Need for Speed: Shift, or Uncharted 2 for a game. Prices are reportedly the same for each (a 500 kr, or $85 increase over the standard 120GB model), although there's unfortunately no release dates given for any of 'em. Of course, there is a confirmed date for the Tokyo Game Show, which would seem like a prime opportunity for them to get official, if they are indeed the real deal.

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