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Access and China Telecom in talks to launch CPhone custom Android platform

Nilay Patel

Man, the Android action in China just keeps heating up: hot on the heels of China Mobile's OPhone platform debut, we're hearing China Telecom and Access are in talks to launch a rival called "CPhone." Just like OPhone, CPhone looks to be a specialized build of Android 1.5 with a custom UI, but instead of OPhone's KIRF iPhone look, Access seems to have filtered any number of haphazard Samsung UIs through a case or two of Tsingtao and called it a day. The big question right now is whether this one 3.5-inch device is the CPhone or whether Access and China Telecom are looking to launch a range of CPhone devices, but we're sure to find out more soon.

[Via Cloned in China]

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