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Breakfast Topic: The gap

Matthew Rossi

It's no secret that I have Horde and Alliance Warriors at 80. I took a long break from the Horde to raid aggressively on my Alliance Warrior as part of my endless waffling over Horde vs. Alliance. Lately, however, the rumors about Cataclysm and what's going to happen to Horde leadership have, paradoxically perhaps, made me suit up again as the Tauren and play the Horde side again. (I'm weird that way.) One of the results of that is to remind me that there's a big difference between a Ulduar/TotC 25 geared prot warrior and one barely in Naxx 10 gear.

I have been chain running TotC 5/Heroic as much as possible to try and catch up and frankly, wow, the difference in every aspect of play is astonishing. You forget just how much of a difference it all makes, until you suddenly find yourself effectively back in time on a character with the stats you used to have when things were hard. Going from a 35k health pool to a 27k one (up to 30 now, thanks to TotC) was a huge wake up call that made me adjust my pulling strategies, use of my cooldowns, and even how I go about generating threat. As all my stats improve I'm finding myself lowering my foot to the floorboard, so to speak, but in a way I think it's a good thing to be reminded every now and again that you can't just tell people starting out in blues and greens to do what you do in your full raid epics.

It's an experience you can have in other ways, of course: taking your alt rogue to DPS a heroic and being shocked at how much lower his DPS is than your DK main, for instance. So I posit to you, gentle readers, how have you found yourself minding the gap?

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