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Chinese World of Warcraft servers are back online

It seems like forever ago when we first heard that China's World of Warcraft servers were going dark to allow hosting duties to transfer from The9 to NetEase -- in all fairness, to the hardcore Blizzard enthusiast, being sans WoW can make three-and-a-half months actually feel like forever. However, according to a number of reports coming from the country, the transfer is finished, and Chinese MMO players are now able to return to their former Azerothian grind.

The title's new host, NetEase, spent a pretty penny keeping the game's servers up and running during the past month of closed beta -- approximately a million yuan (around $146,000) per day. We're not too worried about the company, however. From what we hear, China's a pretty large territory, and WoW is more addictive than chocolate-covered, heroin-soaked crack. NetEase is going to be just fine.

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