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EA to follow MySims Camera with Scrabble, Littlest Pet Shop on DSiWare


In case you think you want a camera app that adds MySims characters to your DSi photos, but aren't sure, EA sent a couple of screenshots of the app in action. It does pretty much what it says, though we didn't expect the MySims images to be so freely positionable.

Along with shots of MySims Camera and Sudoku, EA announced more upcoming DSiWare games. Littlest Pet Shop gets even littler on DSiWare, allowing you to collect and interact with pets, dress them up, and "throw a dance party for your pets and watch them groove to a cool song."

Scrabble will be released as several different apps including Scrabble Classic and Scrabble Tools, a Scrabble-themed vocabulary building game. Apparently, each Scrabble game will be a separate download.

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