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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets ad hoc multiplayer

According to RPG Site, a recent V-Jump article on Squeenix and Disney's upcoming PSP collaboration Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep revealed an intriguing facet of the spiky-haired title: It includes a three-player cooperative mode using the handheld's ad hoc capabilities. The co-op mode pits players against the "Mirage Arena," which allows Keyblade-wielders to tackle standalone co-op missions, or set up multiplayer rematches against the core game's toughest bosses. In addition, Mirage Arena visitors will have special protective abilities with which to heal their friends or bolster their defenses.

It sounds like a pretty interesting feature -- and should placate PSP owners who've been miffed about 358/2 Days' multiplayer mode. No reason to get upset gang! At least your game's title isn't completely ridiculous.


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