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MSI takes a break to introduce 3-inch MT-V656 PMP

Darren Murph

MSI's been slinging out a healthy amount of laptops here lately, but evidently the outfit is looking to dabble once again in PMP land. The simplistic-yet-stylish MT-V656 boasts a 3-inch display, silver casing, video output, FM tuner, voice recorder, support for an undisclosed variety of games and the ability to handle just about every file format known to man. Oddly enough, it's not clear if the screen is of the touch variety, but considering the dearth of buttons, we're guessing it is. It should be available on the streets of Shanghai now for around $42, though make sure you budget for some sort of memory card -- after all, 4GB only holds so many David Bowie / Rush mashups.

[Via PlayerBites]

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