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Sony CyberShot TX1 parts with its Party-dock for some sample pics


Sony's CyberShot TX1 may be best known as one of the cameras designed for use with Sony's amazing Party-shot dock (and, really, that's enough for us), but it's also a fairly capable point-and-shoot in its own right, as evidenced by a full set of sample photos provided by the folks at PhotographyBlog. They were apparently particularly interested in the camera's capabilities throughout its ISO range (from ISO 125 to 3200), and the results do indeed seem to be fairly impressive (especially for a compact point-and-shoot), with noise kept mostly in check even at the highest settings. Hit up the link below to check 'em out for yourself, along with a quick video demonstrating the camera's low-light video capabilities.

Update: Hey, the WX1 has it's own gallery of sample shots, too!

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