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EA Japan announces Tsumuji for DS


Unlike other publishers, EA isn't waiting for Tokyo Game Show to start to reveal their big news. High atop the Mori Tower in Tokyo's luxurious Roppongi Hills, EA Japan has announced a brand new original game. Tsumuji, aka Whirlwind, is a DS-exclusive being produced in Japan.

We're reminded a lot of Celda. The trailer has a big-eyed character running around a top-down field that's reminiscent of A Link to the Past. There will be towns to visit, dungeons to crawl. Like the DS Zelda games, all the action is controlled by the stylus.

We'll be getting hands-on with this game, and a whole slew of other EA titles: Dead Space Extraction, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dante's Inferno, Left4Dead 2 and more. Stay tuned for the rest of our pre-TGS coverage.

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