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Flight of the Conchords say they're coming to Rock Band


The Emmys is, like, an awards show for television or something -- whatever, doesn't matter. What does matter is that Flight of the Conchords was nominated for an award, so FOTC creators and stars Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie were on hand at the show. During a red carpet interview, Bret confirmed to TV Guide that the group's musical musings are headed to Rock Band (watch the video interview past the break). Previously, the band's label, Sub Pop, announced plans to convert its "entire catalog" into playable tracks.

Bret claimed that a total of three songs would be added to the Rock Band Music Store, though neither he nor Jemaine would elaborate on which songs would be released. Hey guys, make it happen:
Which FOTC tunes are you praying to play?

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