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MeetMe makes meeting up easier

Sang Tang

Pam recently moved to New York City to attend art school in pursuit of her life long dream of becoming an artist. Unfortunately, this puts 120 or so miles between Pam and her boyfriend, Jim, who happens to live in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Despite the distance between them, they manage to visit each other frequently -- often times at rest stops centrally located between the two cities. Obviously, finding new and different places for the two to meet may prove trying, as it would be for many in a similar situation. But, fortunately for iPhone owners in similar shoes, there's MeetMe [iTunes link]. MeetMe provides meeting points of interest between two points.

For MeetMe, these two points are Points A and B. In either one, you can choose to use your current location, use an address from your iPhone's contacts, or enter an address manually. After settling on the locations of both Points A and B, tapping the "places to meet" button provides a list of places to meet by category and subcategory, for which vendor ratings and reviews are provided via Yelp. MeetMe also provides the distance from a vendor to both Points A and B, so you'll know who's really driving more.

While the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, your choice of what to do once you get there ought not be as straight and narrow. Fortunately, MeetMe may present you some more options. MeetMe is available at in the App Store for $1.99.

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