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Motorola's new pro encoder makes 1080p cable broadcasts a breeze

Ben Drawbaugh

Everyone knows the holy grail of video today is 1080p60, but not many realize there is almost no 1080p60 to be found. Almost all Blu-ray Discs are 1080p at 24fps or maybe 1080p at 30 and most broadcast TV is 1080i60, which when properly de-interlaced is equivalent to 1080p30. What most don't know is why not, and the reason probably isn't what you think. Most would say it is the bandwidth, there simply isn't enough of it for 1080i, how could you possible do 1080p? But that isn't really the case and the new Motorola SE-6000 Multi-Encoder proves why (SE-5100 pictured above). This new piece of gear -- that you need to start praying your favorite channel buys -- can actually enable a broadcaster to send out honestest to goodness 1080p using the same number of bits as 1080i60 by using H.264 instead of MPEG-2. So in other words, assuming all the equipment in between this new guy and your TV or set-top can handle it, it is technologically possible for us to get true 1080p60 at home. We can dream, right?

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