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The Guild season 3 episode 4 available for viewing

Alex Ziebart

I have to admit, I was kind of waffling on the last couple episodes of The Guild. It held me tight all through seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 had a bit of a slow start. It felt like it was veering away from a quirky series about gamers to something we get enough of on television already, but this episode dragged me right back in. Everything I love about The Guild is back in spades, largely due to the Axis of Anarchy and what they represent.

Vork is still my favorite character in the series, but the AoA is fantastic. In true Guild fashion, they represent very real personalities in the gaming world. You kind of want to brush them off as stereotypes, but you just know you've met people exactly like that. The guy pictured above? If you pay attention to the arena world, I'm pretty sure you can come up with at least two or three people that match up with him in an instant.

You can watch it on MSN Video, or embedded beneath the cut below (it's a very tall player when embedded, yuck!)

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