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WoW Moviewatch: Warrior's Dream


Sam Pierce, the director and producer for Slashdance, dropped us a note to let us know the final, full-length cut of Warrior's Dream is available. And every moment of this breathtaking video is gorgeous. The video scored 3rd place at the BlizzCon 2009 machinima contest, and it's easy to see how it did so well.

Like many BlizzCon machinima entries, Warrior's Dream was originally released in a smaller, 3-minute version in order to conform with the contest guidelines. Now that the contest is over, the Slashdance group retooled the video to its better paced, full featured glory.

This video is just absolutely wonderful. While the authors provide interpretation for the Fantasia-like framing, I'd recommend watching the video before you read that summary. The words "wonder" and "fantasy" can't describe this video adequately, since it really is a soaring, imaginative journey through Northrend. For me, it manages to capture the "wow!" and "look at that!" in the World of Warcraft, and does so in an open, embracing approach.

It's a great movie, and one worth sharing with friends. As a final note, this is a video I immediately shared with both WoW friends and non-WoW friends. It's a beautiful film, and one I think most people will enjoy.

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