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Eminem, Apple prepare to square off again


Eminem's publisher, Eight Mile Style LLC, is preparing to go to trial against Apple this week over the rapper's iTunes sales, Reuters reports.

This comes just months after Eminem's production company, FBT Productions, lost its royalties case against Apple.

This is an on-going battle since 2007, when Eminem sued Apple claiming that his music was being sold through iTunes without his consent. Apple claims that the deal, done through Aftermath Entertainment with distributes Eminem's music, is not only legal, but Eminem is making money off of it. Aftermath Entertainment is also being included in the lawsuit.

Reuters says that if the two sides do not reach a deal, the trial will start on Thursday.

Eminem has also previously sued Apple over its use of "Lose Yourself" in an iTunes Store ad that aired in 2003.

[Via Apple Insider]

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