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iPod touch with "built-in video recorder" not for sale at Dabs


At this point, it's pretty clear that something went horribly wrong in the development of the iPod touch causing Apple to remove the camera somewhere late in its lifecycle. But if you really need more evidence, take a look at the latest circular from, a well-known UK retailer and official Apple reseller. This flyer was recently mailed to subscribers and still lists a "built-in video recorder" as a feature. Of course, clicking through reveals the same ol' iPod touch launched sans camera. While the error could be explained as a simple editing mistake in the creation of the advert, we doubt that's the case -- not with all the case leaks, rumors, and that mysterious internal gap just big enough for a camera sensor. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised to see Apple sneak out a camera-enabled iPod touch replacement during one of its infamous "The Apple Store is down!" Tuesdays.

[Thanks, Peter M.]

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