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Last day for discount at SwagDog

Zach Yonzon

Those awesome folks at SwagDog, who sponsor our Guild of the Month Contest, have released a new guild icon shirt design that is much simpler than their original one. Some folks like Alex really like it, and since the man has good taste, chances are you guys just might, too. That's not the only good news, though. The deal is that those guys at SwagDog have given readers a sweet 15% discount when ordering one of these babies (the shirt, guys, the shirt). All you have to do is use the promo coupon wowicon15 when you checkout.

The bad news is that that code is just good enough for today, the last day of SwagDog's cool 48-hour promo. These shirts are fully customizable, and even though they're supposed to be guild icons, you can actually customize your own design using one of the game's many fun icons. While skulls and crossbones or dragons and axes might be cool, you can just as easily use a crying bear for that kawaii factor. Or a beer mug. It's Brewfest, after all. What're you waiting for? You've only got a few hours left! Get hopping, people!

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