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WoW Moviewatch: Thunk Leaves Home


's newest machinima is Thunk Leaves Home. It's an interesting tale about the ogre Thunk who is forced to leave Dire Maul after being mocked and outcast by his peers. As he wanders the world, he encounters a Night Elf. Thunk saves the elf's life, only to be scorned for food choices. After yet another encounter in which Thunk is spurned by a gnome, our ogre protagonist heads to Orgrimmar to get a little help from the Horde, only to be considered not monster enough. Lastly, Thunk finds a home with some unlikely trolls.

I think Oxhorn definitely had parables in mind as he created Thunk Leaves Home, but the morals are far enough below the surface not to distract the audience. The voice acting by Oxhorn and Jesse Cox are awesome as always, and Oxhorn's trademark musical ending rounds out the entire piece. Thunk Leaves Home is definitely the longest Oxhorn piece we've had for a little while, and I think he took the time to make sure it was viewing time well spent.

The closing credits are almost a separate piece of work. In it, Oxhorn philosophizes a bit about J-Pop, and then performs a parody piece in that style. If you like the closing credits, you can pick them up on I'm not sure it's my speed, but I'm always happy to help a machinimator out by supporting their work.

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