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Announcement: Saurik live chat at 4:15 (ET) today


Please join us this afternoon at 4:15 Eastern for a live chat with Jay "Saurik" Freeman. Jay is going to talk to us about Apple's new signature server and what that means to you as an iPod or iPhone owner.

Have you noticed a new message in iTunes when you restore an iPhone or iPod touch? "Verifying restore with Apple..."? iTunes is now checking your unit against a registered database and deciding whether to allow you to install your firmware or not. Potentially, Apple could disallow downgrades to previous firmware versions. According to Freeman, this move allows Apple to "recall existing firmwares by keeping people from restoring to them in the future. To do this they simply would refuse to ever sign, for example, iPhone OS 3.0 again."

Freeman will explain why this is a real problem to both the standard App Store community and to the jailbreak community. Join us with your questions.

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