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Found footage: Dashboard for iPhone on your lock screen


Why didn't Apple think of this? SmartScreen lets you add widgets to your iPhone lock screen, providing an interactive dashboard experience whenever you wake up your device. The software is jailbreak-only (as you'd probably expect, given its standard system-defying functionality) and will be launched in November 2009. Widget developers are currently being accepted to an invitation-only beta program. Details for the beta program and the SmartScreen product are available at the media-phone web site.

Yes, this isn't the only lock-screen information system out there. Intelliscreen and LockInfo provide calendar and email updates. At the same time, SmartScreen offers a fresh new approach that's a worthy alternative. I really like the visual flair and paged presentation, and the ability to move widgets around via direct interaction.

[Thanks, pytey and Steve Streza]

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