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Pets coming to Dragonica as part of Tales of the Damned

If you're a fan of cute, action-packed free-to-play side-scrolling MMOs, then Dragonica is a solid choice. Of course, you then smack headlong into the question of which particular variant you're going to play. The United States has Dragonica Online operated by THQ*ICE, and Europe has Dragonica which is operated by Gala Networks. There's also several other variants maintained by other companies running under that exact same title to further confuse matters. Just to clarify: we're talking today about Gala Networks gPotato European variant of Dragonica. The interesting news (now that all that localization stuff is out of the way) is that pets are coming as part of the upcoming Tales of the Damned expansion.

Starting as wee eggs that players will get, each of the three new pets will hatch out and develop over time. At first they'll simply be "fashionable companions" that will add some stat bonuses to players' characteristics. Later, pets will have the ability to have passive skills (no word on what skills yet), fighting against monsters, and eventually being able to be used as mounts! The current three pets that will be offered initially will be Husky the dog, Felix the cat and Griffon the bird, all pictured above. In addition to these pets, players will also be getting controller support, a new Emporia Tournament system for guilds, new maps, dungeons, bosses, and the level cap will be raised to 65. Sounds like it's a good time to be a gPotato Dragonica player to us.

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