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TGS 2009: Final Fantasy XIV trailer is chock-full of friendship

Though we've gotten a few scant details about Final Fantasy XIV's fantasy-filled backdrop Eorzea, Square Enix hasn't done much to promote the area's tourist-friendly qualities. However, a new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show reveals the locales' enticing bits: It's jam-packed with riches, renown and swingin' meet-up spots where adventurers can relax with an ice cold Phoenix Down or partake in ... some form of trading card game. (Please, please, please be Tetra Master.)

The video also features an appearance by a Marlboro, a fleet of killer jellyfish and a cadre of impossible airships. Seriously, we're usually not ones to raise a stink, but Wilbur and Orville must be spinning in their graves right now.

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